Founder and President of NetSmart America, Bernadette Tracy is a leading expert on emerging trends and technologies.

NetSmart Corporate History

Founded in 1995, provides consumer-driven strategies and tactics with the marketing implications for clients in all sectors of online marketing. NetSmart’s semi-annual reports go beyond the numbers and actually take clients into the minds of online users. The NetSmart marketing approach is unique and enables clients to fully exploit this exciting new medium.

The NetSmart reports have been featured in publications such as: Advertising Age, Institutional Investor, Business Week, Automotive News, Travel Weekly, DM News, American Banker, Bank Technology News, Best’s Review, The Myers Report, Industry Standard, Interactive Week and Net Marketing.

NetSmart reports have tracked the evolution of the Internet since 1995.

    • 1995 — What Makes People Click? — The first report to identify the motivational differences between online users.
    • 1996 — The Shift From Surfers to Shoppers — Strategies and tactics that helped clients exploit this emerging shift in shopping habits.

  • Spring 1998 — What Makes Women Click? — Identified the unique motivations and expectations of female online users.
  • Fall 1998 — E-Commerce: Internet Users Mean Business — The impact of websites in driving retail sales and investments and how to leverage this exciting interactive medium to its fullest potential.
  • 1999 — What Makes America Click? — Internet marketing report on online user motivations and psychology; strategic recommendations; and a look into the online future from – “The Consumer Viewpoint.”

Professional Background:

For the past 18 years Bernadette has advised Fortune 500 companies about consumer motivations and their marketing implications. She has Masters Degrees in both Psychology and Marketing from The University of Chicago. She is a frequent guest columnist in publications such as Advertising Age and The IAB (The Internet Advertising Bureau Journal). She is a member of the executive steering committee for Internet advertising for the Advertising Research Foundation. Bernadette is a sought after speaker at major trade conferences such as Internet World, Direct Marketing Association, Women in New Media and Ad-Tech. She received a special award from the Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis, and is currently working on a new book titled “What Makes People Click” a step by step guide to successful online marketing.

 Bernadette shares the belief:

“The Key to success is knowing where the puck is going and not just where it is.” – Wayne Gretzky