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Internet Commerce Increases as Security Concerns Abate In 1999, 59% of online Americans have purchased via the Internet, up from 45% in 1998. Of those, 89% paid with a credit card. The number of Internet users with serious security concerns has fallen to 32% in 1999 from 46% in 1998. They also use the Internet to research discount airfares (54%) and find the factory-to-dealer price on a car they want to buy (48%). Eight in 10 (82%) have purchased a specif

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Women Flocking Online in Droves Women Will Outnumber Men Online in 2000. NetSmart America has conducted a breakthrough study into the motivations and behavior of the exploding online population.  The report “What Makes America Click” was released August 2nd. The key finding is that 58% of the new users are Women – up from 44% in 1998. At this growth rate women will outnumber men 60% to 40% in 2002.  For Women it’s a Tool; for Men, it’s a Toy. Time-star