Your Female Prime Prospects Are Now Online

Women are flocking to the Web in droves. Over 40% of online users are women – up from 25% in just 2 years. The average female user is 41 years old. Household income is $63,000. 64% work full time: 56% have children. They are online 6 hours a week at home. These are the Prime Prospects and Early Adopters advertisers spend a fortune to reach.

Do You Know What They Are Looking For?

The Web has been developed largely by men for men. Women, more than men, require interactive nuances that have here-to-for gone unnoticed.

NetSmart III is the first report to take a marketing approach to Female internet research. It provides practical information with detailed recommendations to reach this lucrative market. This 28 chapter – 340 page report contains page after page of unique insights with illustrative charts and graphs. Each chapter incorporates new findings into strategies and tactics for building a successful Website for Women. The information is brought to life with a checklist of Advertising Do’s and Don’ts. As one client said, This is not just another report, it’s like a cookbook with recipes laid out for you”.

Multi-faceted Lifestyles

The women online wear at least 5 different hats:

  • Dr. Mom (Mother)
  • Household CEO (Purchase/Investment Decision Maker)
  • Midnight Shopper (Online Buyer)
    “Time Out for Me” (Escape/Self-indulgence)

Role of Internet in Women’s Lives – Convenience, Empowerment, Fun

Convenience -Newest Time-Saving Household Appliance

  • 91% of women want to “Simplify their Lives”. Take control and save time.
  • 47% go to Package Goods Sites to Find:

– New Products (74%), Recipes (58%)

  • Household Cleaning Shortcuts (47%).
  • Women go to OTC sites for new products, first aid, advice, etc.
  • 58% go to catalog sites to shop around the clock – No waiting on hold.

Empowerment – Do-it-Yourself Consumer Report

  • Women may not make major purchases online, but this is where they make up their minds. 41% report this is the first place they go.
  • Instead of going from store to store, women are clicking from site to site.


Travel  82%  of those 43% booked
Computer Products  69%  of those 48% purchased
Cars  50  29% bought that car
Home Appliances  28%  40% bought that make and model.

Fun – “Time Out for Me”

  • Women go to Apparel, Cosmetic, Skin Care and Fragrance sites for new product news and expert advice.

Strong Demand for Online Banking

  • 70% of women pay all the monthly bill.
  • 64% would bank online when security issues are resolved.
  • 36% regularly visit financial services websites.
  • 14% currently bank or trade stocks online.

High Electronic Commerce – Security Concerns Evaporating

  • Security concerns are starting to evaporate.
  • 54% of women purchased online – 84% paid with a credit card.

What Makes Women Click? – I.N.S.I.D.E. RELATIONSHIPS

The Internet is the first medium that enables advertisers to establish actual interactive relationships. Marketers have barely begun to understand the true power of interactivity. Women thrive on relationships. Have you ever stood behind a women at a checkout counter or bank teller? One-to-one interactions greatly enhance the experience. The key to successful female Websites if deceptively simple – RELATIONSHIPS.

NetSmart III has created a comprehensive 6-step program to build I.N.S.I.D.E. relationships that will let you own the category.

Step One: Initiate the Relationship – Home Page/Banner Tactic

Step Two: Nurture the Relationship – Navigation/Content Recommendations

Step Three: Sustain the Relationship – Interactive Strategies

Step Four: Invigorate the Relationship – New Products and Value Added Extras

Step Five: Deepen the Relationship – Motivating Survey Questions

Step Six: Extend the Relationship – Keys to Ongoing Contact