Revenue from Internet About to Explode

It’s happening. Sixty-one million time-starved consumers are going online ready to buy/invest. E-commerce is the tip of the iceberg. Website information actually drives highly profitable retail sales/investments. 51% report it’s the first place they go. 63% say they made major purchases/investments based on online information. Traditional media creates “hot prospects.” Consumer-centric sites can virtually close the sale.

NetSmart IV identifies the specific rational and emotional motivations and expectations that drive Website visits. Each chapter is summarized with a checklist of marketing Do’s and Don’ts. These often surprising insights enable marketers to convert predisposed purchasers into Satisfied Customers. Who will this benefit?

  • High Ticket Retailers – Automobiles, Appliances, Computers, Furniture
  • Travel – Airlines, Hotels, Car Rentals and Local City Sites.
  • Packaged Goods/Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics and Fragrances
  • Catalog Shopping
  • Financial Services – Banking, Insurance, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Credit Cards
  • Media – TV, Magazines, Newspapers

“NetSmart goes beyond the numbers and takes you into the minds of online users. This enables you to develop successful consumer-driven online strategies.”
–Jon Mamela, Procter & Gamble Interactive

Historical Opportunity – Beyond Branding to Bonding

For the first time in history, marketers are able to go beyond branding and forge bonds with customers. These interactive bonds trigger brand loyalty, repeat visits and self-appointed advocates who will persuade others for you. It seems simple enough, but 83% leave Websites out of frustration with navigation, lack of interactivity, self-serving content, etc.

 NetSmart IV provides more than survey results. Our team of psychologists, marketers and webmasters have developed a five-step process to build online relationships. In NetSmart IV, clients will discover – How to keep customers Clicking through and Coming back, i.e. create a B.R.A.N.D. with your Website:

B ond instantly on the home page
R espond to Visitors and keep them clicking
A ctively engage them by clearly positioning your products as solutions for their problems
N ourish Relationships that convert interested prospects into Satisfied Customers
D evelop Long-term Relationships. Encourage repeat visits, repeat purchases and word-of-mouth on the powerful Internet grapevine

Key Findings

NetSmart IV is the first and only study to discover that length of time online is a key factor in determining online attitudes and behavior. Newbies view the Internet as a toy. As the novelty wears off and confidence increases, it becomes an invaluable time saving tool. The “Trail Blazers” (3 year plus users) hold the key to “Internet 2001” as the 13 million Newbies evolve from the early adopters to the Early Majority.

“NetSmart provides essential insights and strategies to exploit the full spectrum of e-commerce.”

<align=right>–Philip Voyagis, AOL Marketing Research

E-Finance — Online Banking/Investing — Pent-up Demand

    • 40% of users regularly access financial sites —

44% of Trail Blazers, 36% of Newbies.

  • All eagerly await Online Banking/Investing with secure transactions (78%).
  • Convenience is the primary motivation (98%).

E-Commerce — Security Non-Issue

    • Online purchases accelerating – security concerns evaporating.
    • Last year 70% of users purchased online —

79% of Trail Blazers vs. 63% of Newbies.

    • Of those, 81% paid with a credit card — 88% Trail Blazers,

71% Newbies.
–The average shopper bought 9 products and spent $475.
–19% are doing less retail shopping — 20% less catalog shopping.

  • Users go online to save time (88%) and have 24-hour access (90%).


“E-Tailing:” The Big Payoff – Websites Trigger Retail Sales

Direct online sales are the tip of the iceberg. High ticket shoppers may not purchase cars, computers, appliances, etc online (yet!) this is where they decided what to buy. Instead of going from store to store, consumers no click from site to site. For every online transaction, there are multiple Web-driven retail sales. 62% reported online information directly influenced their retail purchases. Half (50%) say the Internet is the first place they go when planning a major purchase or investment — 49% go online with no specific brand in mind.

High Ticket Products  % Researched  % Purchased
Computers 65%  58%
Travel 59%  49% of those booked a flight or lodging
Autos 61% 35%
Home Appliances 26% 42%
Home Electronics