Women Flocking Online in Droves
Women Will Outnumber Men Online in 2000.

NetSmart America has conducted a breakthrough study into the motivations and behavior of the exploding online population.  The report “What Makes America Click” was released August 2nd. The key finding is that 58% of the new users are Women – up from 44% in 1998. At this growth rate women will outnumber men 60% to 40% in 2002.

 For Women it’s a Tool; for Men, it’s a Toy.

Time-starved women go online to:

            – Simplify their lives (88%)

            – Save time (83%)

Saving money is secondary  (55%)

Men go online to check out:

            – News (64%)

            – Stocks (62%)

            – Sports (62%)

            – and Babes (no stats available)

The Internet is women’s “time-saving appliance. 62% have Internet access at work and they spend 9 hours a week online at home. 81% report they “don’t know how they survived without it.”

Web-driven Retail Sales:

Women account for over 75% of major household purchases. They view the Internet as a Do It Yourself Consumer Report” (84%. Women may not purchase high-ticket products online (Yet!) but this is where they decide. As the result of online research, 33% of women purchased a computer, 17% a new car and 11% a new appliance.  26% are doing less retail pre-purchase research.

Explosion in e-Commerce

Women are going online instead of standing in line. 53% made an online purchase – up from 33% in l1998. Their purchases ranged from software (30%) to clothes (27%) and gifts (25%). As a result of being online 17% are doing less catalog shopping and 15% less retail shopping.

Female Business Travelers – Family Vacation Planners

Women online are the female business travelers and family vacation planners advertisers spend a fortune to reach. 36% booked a flight online; 35% made hotel reservations; 15% rented a car.

Women will Drive Online Banking

Women are the family bankers. 70% pay the monthly household bills.  24% already bank online. Another 48% are seriously considering online banking to eliminate the dreaded time-consuming monthly torture.

 It’s about Them –

83% leave Websites out of Frustration.

The majority of websites fail at meeting female visitors’ expectations.  Men value cut and dried information; women value relationships. It is amazing that the majority of websites have failed to deliver the experience that will keep women clicking through, coming back and telling others. The online brand leaders will be the web marketers who “get it” — It’s about them. On the Internet, if content is king, relationships are the trump card.

More in-depth information and charts and graphs from the 350 page NetSmart V: “What Makes America Click? Are available on request.  NetSmart America is the leading consumer trend forecaster. In 1998 they accurately prepared clients for the explosion in e-commerce over the 1999 holiday season. The firm was founded in 1995 under the premise that the key to success online is understanding the real people behind the widely reported statistics and economic forecasts.

New York based NetSmart America.com’s base of Fortune 500 subscribers includes AOL, Agency.com, Ford, Mercedes, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, M&M Mars, Ralston-Purina, Chase, Citibank, Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal.

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