What SEO Services Can Do for You

What SEO Services Can Do for You
If you own a website for the purpose of earning money from it and that you have worked really hard to create content for it and make the overall structure friendly and easy to navigate on, the thing this, all of this hard work means nothing if no one will be able to see it.  While it is true that you may have unique visitors going to your site from your Facebook shares, but that is really it and that no one ever really has gone to your site from search eng...

Insurers Found Lacking By Online Buyers

Although the “insurance industry is still hoping for the Internet to go away,” the exact opposite is happening as more Web users visit insurance sites and a greater percentage turn first to the Internet when they consider buying coverage, a new survey has found. “NetSmart V—America.com: What Makes America Click?” a survey of 1,000 people nationwide who spend at least one hour a week on the Internet at home, reported that while the number of visitors to in

Banks Get Failing Grade on Web Site Usability

Banks are doing a poor job of making their Web sites user-friendly, according to a survey by NetSmart America. In the survey, based on interviews with 1,000 people who use the internet at least one hour per week, 81% of respondents said bank Web sites are difficult to navigate, and 85% had left a bank Web site out of frustration. With the sharp rise in the numbers of internet users, “banks are missing out on an unprecedented opportunity,” said Bernadette

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Women Flocking Online in Droves Women Will Outnumber Men Online in 2000. NetSmart America has conducted a breakthrough study into the motivations and behavior of the exploding online population.  The report “What Makes America Click” was released August 2nd. The key finding is that 58% of the new users are Women – up from 44% in 1998. At this growth rate women will outnumber men 60% to 40% in 2002.  For Women it’s a Tool; for Men, it’s a Toy. Time-star

Survey: E-Commerce Sites Need Work

Ninety percent of e-commerce Web sites are extremely un-intuitive, according to research from NetSmartAmerica, New York. In its fifth annual report, “What Makes America Click?” NetSmart asserts that most e-commerce sites are not properly designed to be easily navigable according to how consumers naturally prefer to shop, but rather according to the merchant’s inventory.  It reported that 83 percent of visitors leave sites in frustration. When asked to pr