Women a Growing Force in On-Line Financial Services

Men still account for most on-line shopping activity, but women are closing the gap fast, according to a recent study. The study, based on 1,000 interviews with people who spend an hour or more per week on-line (excluding e-mail), showed 55% of men and 46% of women made on-line purchases this year. Last year the gender gulf was more a pronounced 51% to 37%. Leon Majors, research director for on-line financial services at Tampa-based PSI Globe, said peopl

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Internet Commerce Increases as Security Concerns Abate In 1999, 59% of online Americans have purchased via the Internet, up from 45% in 1998. Of those, 89% paid with a credit card. The number of Internet users with serious security concerns has fallen to 32% in 1999 from 46% in 1998. They also use the Internet to research discount airfares (54%) and find the factory-to-dealer price on a car they want to buy (48%). Eight in 10 (82%) have purchased a specif

Web Banner Ads Faltering, Insurers Warned

Insurers, agents and brokers can optimize their Internet presence by forging alliances with “portals” to sponsor Web-based consumer content instead of using banner advertisements that are attracting less visitors, a new survey has found. “NetSmart V—America.com: What Makes America Click”—a survey of 1,000 people nationwide who spend at least an hour a week on the Internet at home—found that the number of respondents who clicked on insurance company advert

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Easy Net Navigation is mandatory Online users happy to skip frills for meat and potatoes As the great Wayne Gretsky said, “The key to success is more than knowing where the puck is -- it’s knowing where it’s going.”  During the past four years, NetSmart America.com has discovered demographics and psychographics are descriptive--years online are predictive. There are three key online user groups: Newbies (less than one year) Integrators (one to tw