Internet users are more likely to go to the Web site of a bank that sponsors online content than one that relies upon traditional banner advertising, according to the preliminary findings of a new survey by New York Internet consulting firm NetSmart America. The study, entitled America.com: What Makes America Click, could be a wake-up call for banks, the majority of which have lagged behind online brokerages and other financial services firms in the area o


PRINT PUBLICATIONS DRIVE WEB SITE AWARENESS Study Finds Print Ads More Effective Than Web Banners Newspapers and magazines are driving more users to Web sites than online advertising, says Bernadette Tracy, president of NetSmartAmerica.com, a consulting firm in New York. “I would advise Web sites to spend more advertising dollars in print publications,” she says. Tracy’s firm surveyed 1,000 Web site users across the U.S., who spend at least an hour onli


If Internet usage were a race, women certainly would be outpacing men. Just four years ago, women accounted for just 18% of Internet users. Today, women make up 50% of some 93 million people on-line, according to “What Makes America Click,” a new survey by NetSmartAmerica.com, a New York-based consumer-behavior research company. By 2002, it’s expected that women will outnumber men on the Internet 60 to 40, according to the survey. “Time-starved women wil