Section I. The New World

Shift in Consumer Behavior
The Key Online Users Segments – Newbies, “Integrators,” Pacesetters
Spot Emerging Trends
Strategic Implications

Section II. Major Shift in Consumer Behavior

Breakthrough Findings
High-ticket Retailers
Explosion in e-Commerce
1999: Year of Financial Services
Investment Fever Sweeping the Country
Impact on Traditional Media
Broadband – The Next Chapter

Section III. The Mainstream Users

Internet Fever Sweeping the Country
The Internet is Addictive – Even at Work
Dramatic Increase in Modem Speed
AOL Dominant Service Provider

Section IV. Explosion in e-Commerce

Online Purchases
Typical Online Shopping Scenario
Security Concerns: Non-Issue
Types of Products Purchased Online
Untapped Opportunities

Section V. Web-driven High-ticket Purchases

Breakthrough Findings
Web-driven Retail Sales
Major Impact on Travel Industry
Internet Revolutionizing Retail Shopping
Shift in Purchase Behavior – Pacesetters Predict the Future
“Hot Prospects” Willing to be Persuaded
Price Not Top Priority
High-ticket Motivations
Marketing Implications – The Consumer Viewpoint
ROI (Return on Investment) – Vastly Undervalued

Section VI. 1999: The Year of e-Finance

Breakthrough Findings
Explosion in Online Banking and Investing
Pacesetters – Early Alert
Pent-up Demand for Electronic Banking
Prime Prospects Online
Women – Undervalued Opportunity
Security Not Proving Obstacle

Section VII. Ideal Website Content

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Mind
Well-defined Objective
Three Website Categories
Information Sites
Entertainment Sites
Info-tainment Sites
Ease of Navigation – Top Priority
Home Page – Anticipate Visitors’ Needs
Get Your Site Bookmarked
Build Long-term Relationships – Personalization Key to Success
Personalized Home Page
Make Your Site a Portal – Build a Community
FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions
Strategic Implications
Web-driven Retail Sales – List of Local Dealers
Interactivity – Prompt E-mail Responses Imperative
Rich Media – Use Judiciously
Nurture the Relationship – Follow-up Customized e-Mail
On-site Auctions – Fun and Profit
Basic Principles for Contests/Games

Section VIII. Website Frustrations

Difficult Navigation – Biggest Problem
Confusing Home Pages – Less is More
Self-Serving Content
Unreadable Typeface
Interactivity – Grossly Under-utilized
Prompt e-Mail Response – Lost Sales
Pop-up Ads – Mixed Reaction
Slow Downloading – Don’t Add to the Problem
Rich Media

Section IX. Ideal Website Navigation

Most Websites are Beautiful Disasters
Stages of the Decision Process:

  • How to Organize a Website for Decision Navigation
  • How to Organize a Website for Action
  • How to Organize a Website to Drive Sales
  • Build Relationships – Trigger Repeat Visits

Section X. Innovative Strategies to Increase Site Traffic

Traditional Media: Untapped Opportunity
Magazines – Strong Impact
Television – Under-utilized Opportunity
Newspapers – Strong e-Commerce Impact
Role of Media in Retail Purchases
Online Advertising – Portals Twice as Effective as Banners
Banner Impact – 50% Decline
Banner Message Twice as Important as Execution

Section XI. The Year of the Portal

Breakthrough Findings
Shift from Banner Ads to Portals
Three Motivational Mindsets – Information, New Products, “Fun”
‘New Product” Mindset – Introduce Breakthroughs
High Tech Sites – Broad Appeal
Lifestyle Leisure Activities/Hobbies – Avid Enthusiasts
Business and Finance – Mainstream Stock Market Addicts/Affluent Prospects
Health – Widespread Interest
Parenting – Niche Online Market
Women’s Sites – Wide Range of Interests
Men’s Sites – Limited Appeal
Relaxation Sites – Sports/Entertainment
Entertainment – Cutting Edge Products
Sports Sites – Build Brand Image

Specific Findings for Individual Industries

High-Ticket Products

Section XII. Automotive
Section XIII. Computers
Section XIV. Appliances

Financial Services

Section XV. Banking
Section XVI. Investment
Section XVII. Mutual Funds
Section XVIII. Insurance

Packaged Goods and Pharmaceutical

Section XIX. Packaged Goods
Section XX. Pharmaceutical


Section XXI. Airlines
Section XXII. Hotels
Section XXIII. Car Rentals


Section XXIV. Software
Section XXV. Catalog
Section XXVI. Apparel


Section XXVII. Newspapers
Section XXVIII. Magazines
Section XXIX. TV